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Soul Senses 水疗中心热情待客,服务人员服务周到,带来迪拜城内最令人惊喜的体验。 这里提供种类繁多的舒缓护理,包括头部按摩、脚底按摩和全身热石护理。 除了按摩,Soul Senses 还提供身体裹覆、磨砂和蒸汽浴,让您重焕神采。  

Soul Senses 水疗中心 Soul Senses 水疗中心热情待客,服务人员服务周到,带来迪拜城内最令人惊喜的体验。 这里提供种类繁多的舒缓护理,包括头部按摩、脚底按摩和全身热石护理。 除了按摩,Soul Senses 还提供身体裹覆、磨砂和蒸汽浴,让您重焕神采。  

+97143799950 Senses 水疗中心/@25.25715149,55.29915311
Soul Senses 水疗中心 +97143799950 阿尔曼克霍尔, 布尔迪拜 55.29915311 25.25715149 星期天 至 星期六 从 10:00 至 24:00, 公共假期 从 10:00 至 24:00
  • Soul Senses 水疗中心
  • Soul Senses 水疗中心

    POI Opening Timing星期天 至 星期六 从 10:00 至 24:00, 公共假期 从 10:00 至 24:00

    POI Address阿尔曼克霍尔, 布尔迪拜

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    8 1月 2018
    by Arpan S
  • Unprofessionalism & Poor Business Ethics
    Here I am writing about the worst experience I received at Soul Senses & Spa at Bur Dubai Branch on 2nd Jan 2018. Every one who is planning to visit here must read this before a disappointment arises you , especially at times when you are in much need of a therapy. On Jan 2nd 2018 - I had a long & tiring week & was desperately in need of a good massage therapy to recover. Thus searching online I booked a slot at Soul Senses & Spa. I made my booking in the morning itself to ensure that I get a desired slot. 10.00 PM evening slot was confirmed. I reached SPA at 10:00 PM. While I reached spa I was on a phone call. I mentioned receptionist about my booking & I requested her that if I may come back in 15 mins post completing the call. She agreed. I thanked her & mentioned that I will come back in given time as I was in much need for massage therapy because of the body pain. I only required a delay of 15 minutes but I thought its worth mentioning this to receptionist to hold booking & do not regard it as no show from my end. She agreed on me coming back in 15 minutes & mentioned that she will hold a booking. I was on the phone call on the same floor at Atrium Centre for next 15 minutes. I went back again after my phone call. Receptionist & one of her ally were discussing something among themselves. They made me sit for another 15 minutes, it was 10:30 PM by then. Later they told me that they will not be able to provide therapist for 1 hour therapy session which I have booked. I was shocked !! When I probe & tried to enquired a reason, I got to know that they have received a couple booking for 11.00 PM ( probably of higher sales value) & hence they are denying to accept my booking for 1 hour. Message therapist assigned to me was allocated to them. Receptonist insisted me to take foot massage for 30 Minutes, wherein I needed back & body massage due to bad muscular pain. What an unprofessionalism by the spa Manager. 1. In first place they agreed that I can come back in 15 minutes & they'll hold my booking. 2. Upon coming back in given time they denied because they got another customer of higher sales value. Had receptionist informed me that they will not be able to hold my booking for mere 15 minutes, I would have started the therapy then & there itself as I was in much need for same. I was absolutely pissed off to know this. @ 10.00 PM in the evening there were no further slots available in any decent spa in nearby 15 Kms. I was left in pain with no massage therapy, just when I needed it so much. All thanks to poor business ethics shown by the Spa managers. Next time I'll spend 100 AED more but will visit a spa who maintain & practices fair business ethics!!
  • Rating Image
    2 1月 2018
    by Anna J
  • Great massage and affordable price
    Was visiting Dubai and got this place recommended by a friend, was not disappointed. Had the shoulder/back/neck Massage for 45min, excellent! Got tea and a fruit salad afterwards to relax. Would go again if I had more time in Dubai!
  • Rating Image
    24 11月 2017
    by ibushra_03
  • Best spa
    Soul Senses spa is my favorite place to relax ... It not only relaxes my mind , body but soul as well ! Its always so calm and soothing... I really love the atmosphere with dim lights and beautiful fragrances... Staff is really professional, friendly and cooperative... My energy level is stimulated, relaxing my body and mind ... Therapists does great job .. She has magic in her hands which took out all the pain in my joints... The ambiance is so clean , hygiene and calm . Lastly I would love to add on my experience with Soul senses spa , they are best in services with different tips & techniques... Highly recommended! Would love to visit it again and again in future!





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