Yannick Alléno 的 STAY 餐厅

Yannick Alléno 的 STAY 餐厅
STAY 餐厅烹饪顶级美食

在名厨界,法国厨师 Yannick Alléno 的声望最高。 他曾在巴黎 Le Meurice 餐厅工作,并因此获得三颗米其林星,迅速在全球范围内建立自己的美食王国。 因此他在迪拜的初次亮相——在 One — Only The Palm 的三家餐厅——备受期待。

在 STAY 餐厅,Alléno 将法国经典烹饪技术与现代烹饪技巧相结合。 餐厅供应精致的法国菜,却一点儿也不浮华,还设有糕点柜台,为顾客定制甜点。 这家餐厅有高耸的木墙、波状的白色柱子,穹顶天花板上悬吊着黑色吊灯,这种装璜风格可为美食添加视觉效果。 总之,您总有理由来这里品尝美食。

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  • Unbelievable diner experience in probably one of the best restaurant in Dubai
    Recently my wife and I had diner at the Restaurant Stay as it was highly recommended by friends who had recently been there...I quickly changed my diner reservation instead of going to one of the top restaurant in Dubai i had originally booked. What a surprise ! No disappointment whatsoever and from beginning to end it was just perfect. Service is casual but in the good sense and yet very professional. All the staff is very friendly and attentive just the level you need, not overwhelming where it becomes annoying. I ordered the 5 course menu and my wife A la Carte and yet the Chef took upon him to serve an additional main course to my wife so that she wouldn't be looking at me eating. You don't find this in many places We had the great pleasure to be invited to visit the kitchen and the chef made this delicious Cappuccino as he was giving us his background, one that is simply impressive, having passed through some of the most renowned kitchen in France. Every 2 weeks the menu changes to adapt to the seasonally available products (in Europe)...a refreshing experience when in Dubai you have no such concept of seasonal products! This week's menu dishes were based on asparagus (including white which you rarely find in Dubai). Had the delicious Sweet breads (anyone who appreciates Sweet breads will know how difficult it is to cook) and it was cooked to perfection accompanied by a perfect matching sauce which truly enhanced the flavor of the Sweet breads. One particularity of Stay and to the difference of other high end restaurants in Dubai, is that you also have a different Pastry chef for the desert. They have an open station/bar where you can actually visualize some of the ingredients that will be used to make your desert on the spot. The deserts likewise were divine, right balance of sweetness and acidity. Last surprise, the Chef joined our table after we splurged on our desert with a small (yet again delicious) chocolate cake with a candle to wish my wife a happy birthday. This is just a small gesture but yet such a delicate attention that you only find in the Great restaurant.... although we may have appreciated much better this last "cheery on the cake" have we had not been this full. Restaurant Stay is truly in another category of the top restaurant in Dubai. I hesitated to give this review to keep this address more secret so I could make sure I have my table available every 2 weeks. This is one restaurant not to miss.
  • Average
    This is supposed to be the one and only premiership restaurant but sadly from the last 2 visits the experience was just average. On the first occasion they wouldn't or couldn't make a cocktail sauce for his starter so he went with out and the desserts they make a big thing of but are just average. Our second visit 2 days later they could make a cocktail sauce and did and my husband was able to have an appetiser but guess what my husband had beef for his main asked for it NO PINK but it came up pink so he had nothing to eat for his main course , but at least he might have lost a bit of weight ..... Would not recommend this restaurant there are better restaurant to eat in this price bracket .
  • We didnt like it
    We were really looking forward in our visit to Dubai for our dinner in this restaurant, Unfortunately we suffered a big deception. We didn´t like the food, the service was slow, we had to wait a lot between each plate,, and some orders were not available, the price is way out of what you receive....nothing to highlight at all average so that makes the price ridiculously HIGH
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