Yannick Alléno 的 STAY 餐厅

Yannick Alléno 的 STAY 餐厅
STAY 餐厅烹饪顶级美食

在名厨界,法国厨师 Yannick Alléno 的声望最高。 他曾在巴黎 Le Meurice 餐厅工作,并因此获得三颗米其林星,迅速在全球范围内建立自己的美食王国。 因此他在迪拜的初次亮相——在 One — Only The Palm 的三家餐厅——备受期待。

在 STAY 餐厅,Alléno 将法国经典烹饪技术与现代烹饪技巧相结合。 餐厅供应精致的法国菜,却一点儿也不浮华,还设有糕点柜台,为顾客定制甜点。 这家餐厅有高耸的木墙、波状的白色柱子,穹顶天花板上悬吊着黑色吊灯,这种装璜风格可为美食添加视觉效果。 总之,您总有理由来这里品尝美食。

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  • Superb!
    My wife and I dined here last week for her birthday. What a memorable experience we had. The restaurant is beautifully decorated with blacks and yellows. The food is divine, definitely lives up to chef Yannick Alleno’s reputation. Jake the manager made sure we had the best evening possible, would definitely recommend!
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  • Honeymoon
    Top high end restaurant with devilish, yet devine desserts. Worth a trip to this gorgeous hotel simply for the ambience of this fine dining experience. The head waiter boasts: “This is where Dubai people come to get away from Dubai.” I bet they do, if they want to taste amazing food on the fringe of the palm.
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  • Excellent
    A great evening with fantastic food and cool service. This is not a 3-star Michelin restaurant but it is inspired by a great cook (no one here is claiming something different). The cuisine is excellent and we are looking forward to many more dinners!
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