在素可泰 (Sukhothai) 享用美食盛宴
受素可泰王朝 (1238 to 1438) 启发,这家餐馆因传统木质内饰与特别友善的工作团队充满着温馨的气氛。以一道经典泰国开胃菜开启,如沙嗲鸡肉串烧配花生酱牛肉沙拉和泰式鱼饼(油炸帝王鱼饼),接着可上汤或主菜,包括青柠蒸鱼(油炸海鱼)和咖喱如泰式红咖喱鸭(红咖喱鸭)。
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  • Incredibly delicious dinner!
    We were staying overnight in the hotel with an Emirates connection, and chose the Thai restaurant for dinner. The place is lovely, with Thai décor and even a Thai dancer. We had very nice service from Hazel, and our meal was fantastic! We started with the Pomelo salad (delicious and fresh!), and prawn on lemongrass sticks, and then had the chicken with cashews and veg, striploin beef with veg, traditional pad thai, and mixed veg dishes. We shared all the dishes, which was a nice way to try everything. All really excellent! We look forward to going back next time we’re in Dubai.
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  • Late Lunch
    Nice place tucked away in the corner by Dubliners. Nice interior, very quiet with excellent customer service from the time you enter, receiving a cold towel and a warm towel when you are finished. The wait staff was very polite and courteous. Try one of the seafood dishes or the Lobster in a red curry sauce excellent.
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  • Thaipas w/ wonderful service
    We order thaipas food was so good and a lot of choices can taste different kind of Thai food with red wine staff as always very welcoming and myla is very friendly she always smile and Hazel with good service. And all staff are friendly
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