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与向日葵旅行社 (Sunflower Tours) 一起探索
向日葵旅行社 (Sunflower Tours) 以提供一系列冒险与城市探索活动而自豪。该机构在乌德梅萨 (Oud Metha) 设有办事处,承诺一系列细致入微的服务,如“接机和欢迎”服务、访问许可、住宿升级或其他诸如此类的服务,让您的旅行更加美好难忘。旅行社安排的活动让您有机会体验最美的海湾地区,包括阿拉伯式热情的顶级酒店住宿、登山徒步和沙滩之旅之旅等。

向日葵旅行社 向日葵旅行社 (Sunflower Tours) 以提供一系列冒险与城市探索活动而自豪。该机构在乌德梅萨 (Oud Metha) 设有办事处,承诺一系列细致入微的服务,如“接机和欢迎”服务、访问许可、住宿升级或其他诸如此类的服务,让您的旅行更加美好难忘。旅行社安排的活动让您有机会体验最美的海湾地区,包括阿拉伯式热情的顶级酒店住宿、登山徒步和沙滩之旅之旅等。

向日葵旅行社 +97143345554 阿尔卡拉马, 布尔迪拜 55.3081843 25.2419165 星期天 至 星期四 从 09:00 至 18:00
  • Sunflower-Tours
  • 向日葵旅行社

    POI Opening Timing星期天 至 星期四 从 09:00 至 18:00

    POI Address阿尔卡拉马, 布尔迪拜


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  • Rating Image
    6 1月 2016
    by Tom H
  • Awesome Tour Guide!
    Picked up from Marina Mall bang on time in a brand new Land Cruiser (Parking was free so was able to leave my personal car at the mall). Driver was knowledgeable, had a great sense of humour and put the first timers in the group at ease immediately. Short drive into the desert with professional driving, absolutely no complaints there. Dune bashing overall was fantastic. Driver was very skilled, felt completely safe but still had an awesome time. He even stopped on the top of a dune so we could get photos and kept us laughing whilst doing so! After we'd arrived at the camp, he was again fantastic at telling us what was available, fetching us drinks and giving us tips on when to and where to go whilst there. He was funny and charismatic, what else could you want in a guide? The drive home was just as easy, straight back to the mall to pick my car up. I'd recommend Sunflower to everybody, the driver really did make the day absolutely amazing. (We think his name was Ibrahim, we were enjoying ourselves too much to ask!)
  • Rating Image
    12 9月 2015
    by Jackie J
  • My son lives in dubai and have since been with him for picnics in the desert, never tire of it!
    We went on sunflower tours, this was a brilliant experience, you get to see the desert properly, have fun, have lovely impromptu meal with belly dancing, one of the best value for money trips in dubai (in my opinion) .
  • Rating Image
    20 4月 2014
    by Nonoglobo
  • Had a great time in desert safari with Sunflower a couple years ago
    Everything was as planed, I used them twice. Once the car was dated, once brand new. In both case we had driver with amazing skills and adequately talkative (not too much, not too little). Everything went fine, on time... If you want my 2 cents...the show is ridiculous with that guy with light dancing but anyway it is the same for all companies as they just pay the camp. Food was fine, pictures with traditional dress and henna tatoo is great for first timer too. Overall sunflower didn't disappoint at all !


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