与阿联酋激情冲浪学校 (Ignite Surf School UAE) 一起冲浪
阿联酋激情冲浪学校 (Ignite Surf School UAE) 位于朱美拉棕榈岛海岸线 (Palm Jumeirah Shoreline) 的丽娃海滩俱乐部 (Riva Beach Club),起源于一家名为阿拉伯冲浪商店 (Surf Shop Arabia) 的冲浪用品店。随着众多的水上运动爱好者聚集在阿联酋,对课程的需求也相应不断扩大,这所冲浪学校迅速获得了成功。您可以在这里学习如何在冲浪板上站稳和冲浪,也可以租到您所需的任何设备。
阿拉伯冲浪学校 阿联酋激情冲浪学校 (Ignite Surf School UAE) 位于朱美拉棕榈岛海岸线 (Palm Jumeirah Shoreline) 的丽娃海滩俱乐部 (Riva Beach Club),起源于一家名为阿拉伯冲浪商店 (Surf Shop Arabia) 的冲浪用品店。随着众多的水上运动爱好者聚集在阿联酋,对课程的需求也相应不断扩大,这所冲浪学校迅速获得了成功。您可以在这里学习如何在冲浪板上站稳和冲浪,也可以租到您所需的任何设备。阿拉伯冲浪学校/@25.33175125,55.35722837
阿拉伯冲浪学校 55.35722837 25.33175125

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    17 1月 2015
    by AnniQLabu
  • SUP Sisters starting the weekend right
    SUP Sisters starts my weekends and I couldn't ask for a better way to wake my body and mind. The group have a great attitude, happy and eager for action, out on the water. Judgement is left on the sand as we paddle out towards the sun, welcoming a new day, enjoying the nature around us and pushing our bodies to strengthen and tone. Mari & Bimbo offer great guidance and support, in a fun & engaging manner. Paddles up and go ! :)
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    15 1月 2015
    by maraikavw
  • SUP at RIVA - The most chilled out fitness activity in the UAE
    if you are looking to get fit and enjoy the tranquility of the beautiful ocean in Dubai, then you can't go past stand up paddle boarding at Riva! I really recommend this activity for those of you who want to enjoy a more natural, fitness side of Dubai, rather than the trashy brunches on offer. Enter through Riva Beach Club on The Palm, you will feel like you have decended into a luxurious world there and to the beach where Ignite Surf School run their operation. It really is the best location. You are on the iconic Palm island and the water is flat like glass here, so it's perfect for paddle boarding, there is even beautiful islands dotted around. if you are a beginner, the brilliant staff will offer you some training and a nice big board that is so steady, you won't have any trouble and will be paddling around like a pro in only 10 minutes! Its also a nice place to view sea life. I have seen dolphins and lots of birds and fish on my travels there. I really recommend this as the best paddle boarding place in the UAE. The mixture of great staff, perfect location and stylish and secure beach makes this place my weekly ritual. They also offer women's paddle boarding sessions for a girl goss sess during the week!





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