在塔格普安 (Tagpuan) 品尝美味
在塔格普安 (Tagpuan) 品尝丰富美味的家常菲律宾菜肴。特普安是位于卡拉玛(Karama)的一家小型餐馆,能迅速填饱您的肚子。您可以选择餐馆内的小桌子,也可以到更大空间的户外露台用餐。尝尝这里简单美味、又价格实惠的菲律宾家常菜,有鱿鱼、油炸罗非鱼或鱼露蔬菜 (混合蔬菜料理)。
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55.3045659 25.2416307塔格普安/@
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  • The meeting place
    Tagpuan means the meeting place in Filipino language. Food is good. This used to be my favorite place back in 2005 but through the years the quality of food has deteriorated though the taste can still be tolerated for a true Filipino dish. Located in Karama. Next to Rosalia perfumes.
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  • Cozy little eatery
    A memorable part for me as it is the first restaurant who offers good asian cusine to satisfy my cravings as an expat for home cooked meals. Fish and meat delicacies are delicious as i can say the chef knows what he is cooking. Price is of mid range and despite its small size it is cozy enough for you to enjoy your meal.
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    Although the restaurant is small, but it's clean , they have a variety of Filipino food, and most important the smile is on all the time, the staff was friendly to tell me all about the food name and contents and even how they cook it. They have an upstairs cool place to dine in. I do recommend it for those who like to give Filipino meals a try 👍
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