在泰丽丝水疗中心 (Talise Spa) 享受轻松时刻
泰丽丝水疗中心 (Talise Spa) 真正懂得如何呵护女人,是中东地区最豪华水疗中心之一。帆船酒店(The Burj Al Arab) 分店矗立在阿拉伯海 (Arabian Sea) 之上,美丽的景色能让您紧绷的神经彻底放松。预定服务包括面部护理、有机体膜护理和轮石按摩。所有服务都采用最高品质的产品。之后,您还可以体验健身设施,或享受完整水疗,完全放松在在泳池、按摩浴缸、汗蒸和桑拿中。
泰丽丝水疗中心 泰丽丝水疗中心 (Talise Spa) 真正懂得如何呵护女人,是中东地区最豪华水疗中心之一。帆船酒店(The Burj Al Arab) 分店矗立在阿拉伯海 (Arabian Sea) 之上,美丽的景色能让您紧绷的神经彻底放松。预定服务包括面部护理、有机体膜护理和轮石按摩。所有服务都采用最高品质的产品。之后,您还可以体验健身设施,或享受完整水疗,完全放松在在泳池、按摩浴缸、汗蒸和桑拿中。 +97143017338泰丽丝水疗中心/@25.1410647,55.1856434
泰丽丝水疗中心 +97143017338 阿拉伯塔, 乌姆苏克穆 3, 朱美拉 55.1856434 25.1410647 星期天 至 星期六 从 06:30 至 22:30
  • Talise-Spa
  • 泰丽丝水疗中心

    POI Opening Timing星期天 至 星期六 从 06:30 至 22:30

    POI Address阿拉伯塔, 乌姆苏克穆 3, 朱美拉

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  • Rating Image
    16 9月 2017
    by A1909D
  • Average Experience
    I wasn't very impressed with the Spa. Oh well its in Burj Al Arab, Yes. But the reservation was tedious with them making a blocking on the CC in advance and you have to go through payment link or sort. Spa was good, the couple room was small compare to many other spa I have visited in Dubai. It has a window with the sea view. Unfortunately weather was muggy and view wasn't as amazing as I thought it would be. Pool was small, and they do let In house guest (and their kids) to use the pool. not the kind of environment you would expect when you are on your Spa day. However you did get a good view from the pool. The Italian pool guard was funny and kind though. Massage was good, but well facilities is mediocre and upon checking out of the spa, their system was down. I didn't get the 50% off from Isme member as it should be. I contacted them later in the day and they insisted they did charge half price although I did show them my bank statement. I followed up 1 month later (as i waited if it was bank issue and auth release was not reflected on my card) but it didn't. What's disappointing is the fact that they couldn't bother doing further investigation and just brushed it off and insisted that 50% applied and only sending me their receipt and not the bank or machine generated receipt. Till date, I didn't get the discount. Honestly, not my first horrible experience in BAA and their arrogance of being the 7 star hotel. I cant be bothered spending my time asking for a few hundred dirhams and please, they should stop acting like all their guest are begging to come to their hotel.
  • Rating Image
    26 8月 2017
    by naijababe2016
  • Thai Massage
    Had a Thai Massage and though it wasn't so bad, I expected so much more from a Spa at the world's self-proclaimed first 7 star hotel. The massage room floor wasn't so clean and a member of the staff was openly complaining to herself about a previous customer in the changing room, so I thought these aren't the makings of a 5 star hotel, let alone a 7 star one. The spa was so beautiful, it seemed painful; surroundings fit for royalty I guess, with prices like this. I've had better Thai massages, but I did enjoy basking in the ambience of such a divine and flamboyant facility.
  • Rating Image
    24 7月 2017
    by Patricia C
  • Unforgettable relaxing experience
    My husband and I came here for a day of relaxation and used the wonderful spa/treatment services Burj al Arab has to offer. The whole experience was pure joy, from the welcome tea, to the soothing music and essential oils in treatment room. Their 90' signature massage was so relaxing and the products smelled incredible. The facilities (hot tub, jacuzzi,sauna, steam room and indoor infinity pool) are top-notch and you can use them before or after your appointment. We are looking forward visiting Talise Spa once more.





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