光临曼迪及马哈迪餐馆 (Mandi & Madhbi Restaurant) 享用美食
这家曼迪及马哈迪餐馆 (Mandi & Madhbi Restaurant) 位于德拉区阿尔里加 (Al Rigga),靠近阿尔古拉尔中心 (Al Ghurair Centre)。如果您想品尝地道的当地美食,不妨来这家餐馆坐坐。中东的美食丰富多样,也很难辨别每道菜肴源自于哪里。而在海湾地区,每个国家都有一道特色菜,曼迪 (Mandi) 就是其中一道,源自于也门的曼迪是一道搭配有泥土烤炉烹制的鸡肉、羊肉或鱼肉的微辣炒饭。
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  • Simple meal for meat lover
    This restaurant seems to be popular among local. I went there on Friday afternoon and it was packed with customers who just finished Friday pray. I preferred grilled mutton and rice (Meat Makhmood in the menu) which is good. Grilled mutton may look overly done but it wasn't. You have the neck, rib and leg parts. The cheese pastry Kanafah is good too. This restaurant serves simple Arabian food which will satisfy the meat lovers. The price is medium. Set meal plus Kanafah costed 60 AED. All staff is friendly and helpful.
  • great experience
    small restaurant with cheap and good set menu. You can choose the continental side (tables and chairs) or better take off your shoes for the arabian one and relax on the floor with your dihes served on a table cloth. Very friendly atmosphere, waiter taking care of you and offering refills. Go for it if you're tired of over spicy food
  • Yummy
    Must eat this. it was my dinner for 3 consecutive nights. Its clean, staff is very good, food is fresh and served well. Very easy to reach and its good for both spicy and no spicy eating people.
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