在提亚特洛 (Teatro) 享用难忘的一餐
这家餐馆是知名室内设计师托尼齐的心血结晶,除了作为一家餐馆之外,提亚特洛 (Teatro) 还具有众多戏剧元素。也就是说,它并非华而不实。内部装修以深色系搭配生动的红色,同时令人赞赏的还有名字中带有的一丝诙谐。这里提供的美食与饮品具有最高的水准。餐馆的美食融合各种风味,有来自日本、中国、印度和欧洲的菜肴,不管您想要品尝披萨、面食、寿司或是咖喱,这里的食物定能让您满意。
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  • Fantastic!!!
    What an amazing restaurant hidden away!!! Took business colleagues for dinner here and we were all, without exception, blown away. The quality and quantity of food is exceptional, every single dish served was of the highest quality! The venue itself provides a good level of intimacy, it is well laid out and has a terrific ambiance. Staff are super efficient and friendly and always attentive to the table. Value for money is outstanding, and it's definitely on my agenda to take my wife there!!!
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  • Elegant
    Varied cuisine - Thai , Chinese , Japanese , continental , Indian and Italian under one roof with an elegant setting and impeccable service to match . Definitely recommended .
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  • Excellent Indian food
    I’m highly sceptical of any restaurant with enormous multi cuisine menus that span continents, never mind restaurants that are huge and empty at 7pm, but the Indian food we had was outstanding. Delicious Goan fish curry, deeply flavoured dal, wonderfully authentic naan, the food was tons better than the general underwhelming ambience might suggest. My Negroni was dreadful (a bridge too far) but the food was terrific
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