在泰特瑞沙 (Thai Terrace) 享用美食
泰特瑞沙 (Thai Terrace) 餐馆位于阿塔尔中心 (Attar Centre),靠近雷吉斯公园克里斯金酒店(Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel)。在这里,您可以品尝到地道的泰国菜,这些泰国菜可与在泰国当地吃到的菜品相媲美。最受欢迎的菜品有炸鱼饼、绿咖喱和泰式炒粉。如果您正在寻找一家餐馆品尝泰国菜,泰特瑞沙 (Thai Terrace) 相当值得一去。
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  • Great Thai food...
    Had dinner at this nice restaurant. Prices are a little bit on the high side but compensated by the delicious food they serve. The restaurant is a small place, so I think it is difficult to sit 10 pax or more in a single row. Service was fast and staff were attentive too. One of the best Thai restos I found in Dubai. Two types of dishes can be shared by 3 persons. Rating was based mainly on the quality of food. Improvement on the interiors could have improved the rating.
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  • Simply Thai
    Visited Dubai in January. Loved Dubai but could not get myself to like the food. Tried various cuisines and was not happy until I decided to visit Thai Terrace. The food was very tasty and scrumptious. This place is definitely on my "Must Visit Again" list.
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  • Just Delicious
    My friend in Dubai bring us to this Restaurant at the second day we stay in this city. Though is not too big, but is very clean and located at the hearth of Bur Dubai area. Near to Regent Palace Hotel and Burjuman Center. The food is delicious and make us to come back there again the day after :), and is affordable. Will recommend it to our other friends.
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