在美甲会所 (Neil Spa) 呵护自己
这家位于阿拉伯农场高尔夫俱乐部 (Arabian Ranches Golf Club) 的美甲会所 (Neil Spa) 邀您共享美甲修趾极值服务。在一整天挥汗如雨的高尔夫运动后,这里尤其受宾客宾客欢迎。美甲会所 (Neil Spa) 品牌有诸多专业的美甲技师和值得信赖的美容师为您服务。
指甲水疗 这家位于阿拉伯农场高尔夫俱乐部 (Arabian Ranches Golf Club) 的美甲会所 (Neil Spa) 邀您共享美甲修趾极值服务。在一整天挥汗如雨的高尔夫运动后,这里尤其受宾客宾客欢迎。美甲会所 (Neil Spa) 品牌有诸多专业的美甲技师和值得信赖的美容师为您服务。 +97144522262指甲水疗 /@25.05142137,55.26873343
指甲水疗 +97144522262 阿拉伯农场高尔夫俱乐部, 瓦迪阿尔萨法 6, 迪拜土地 55.26873343 25.05142137 星期天 至 星期六 从 08:00 至 20:00
  • 指甲水疗
  • 指甲水疗

    POI Opening Timing星期天 至 星期六 从 08:00 至 20:00


    POI Address阿拉伯农场高尔夫俱乐部, 瓦迪阿尔萨法 6, 迪拜土地

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  • Rating Image
    1 1月 2018
    by Rania N
  • Poor services
    I have visited the lake branch on the 30th after noon. We took a last minute appointment for pedicure with color on the phone. We were informed that we might not be able to be accommodated with a proper pedicure station. We didn’t mind. I have informed my technician not to remove much cuticles and basic dead skin cleaning. When Lauredale finished the left foot i was bleeding. When she started with the left one the pain was too much to bear i asked her to stop and spoke to the receptionist who sent me Belle. Obviously she was experienced and professional. Had no pain while she was cleaning my dead skin but was left bleeding as well. I refused to continue with the nail polish. Paid the bill with barely an apology and a note on my File (first time and last time customer with them) no Lauredale in case of future visit. To discover the second day that i got to infection, which made me wearing heels the next days an excoriating pain.
  • Rating Image
    16 10月 2017
    by Vavacommandantriviere
  • Not the best in dubai at all
    It is a factory, you call the call center to have an appointment and the lady on the phone barely understand what you want. She is on a standard mode. Of ever u asked a special reqiest on the phone it is not take onto consideration. And when you finally arrived at the spa they tell you that the call center does not have the information from call center and they are sorry but you have to take whatever they propose you and not what you want. I wonder if I tell them I pay what I want and not their price? One way service , their way not at all customer orientated! Never ever again. Don't go there, really a pain to have an appointment and service is like a factory and you are not customer just a money provider.
  • Rating Image
    21 8月 2017
    by miya M
  • meni pedi
    i always go to the nail spa because it is one of the best in the UAE .. sanitized equipments .. friendly staff .. and affordable prices





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