在欢乐地带 (Thrill Zone) 度过欢乐时光
位于谢赫扎耶德路 (Sheikh Zayed Road) 的欢乐地带 (Thrill Zone) 为您提供适合各年龄段的娱乐与冒险活动。这家游乐中心占地4700平方英尺,设有一家侏罗纪主题激光公园和一家四座6D电影院,具有强大的影音效果,通过椅子的移动,创造各种环境元素,如雨、风、雾等, 让您身临其境。这里还设有派对区与提供美味小吃饮品的室内咖啡馆。
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欢乐地带 位于谢赫扎耶德路 (Sheikh Zayed Road) 的欢乐地带 (Thrill Zone) 为您提供适合各年龄段的娱乐与冒险活动。这家游乐中心占地4700平方英尺,设有一家侏罗纪主题激光公园和一家四座6D电影院,具有强大的影音效果,通过椅子的移动,创造各种环境元素,如雨、风、雾等, 让您身临其境。这里还设有派对区与提供美味小吃饮品的室内咖啡馆。 +97143883551欢乐地带/@25.16952141,55.24203115
欢乐地带 +97143883551 绿洲中心, 阿尔库兹 1, 哈迪奇·穆罕默德·本·拉希德 55.24203115 25.16952141 星期四 至 星期六 从 09:00 至 24:00, 星期天 至 星期三 从 09:00 至 22:00
  • Thrill-Zone
  • 欢乐地带

    POI Opening Timing星期四 至 星期六 从 09:00 至 24:00, 星期天 至 星期三 从 09:00 至 22:00

    POI Address绿洲中心, 阿尔库兹 1, 哈迪奇·穆罕默德·本·拉希德

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    17 3月 2017
    by Shamsa01
  • Tactics
    Here we had fun and crazy laugh. There is nothing worst then to laugh in opponents face while destroying their base while they can't do anything about that. It is pure madness :D You must be fast, sharp and have good tactics. Tricks will do you good help. Bring kids or teenagers and enjoy being superior adult :D
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    29 1月 2017
    by waqarsarwar
  • Laser Tag Gaming
    Thrill Zone is an interesting place where you get to have laser tagged gaming. The participants are divided into 2 teams and given 2 different places in the gaming arena. The objective of the game is to protect one's headquarters along with the attempt to shoot the enemy's headquarters. All participants are made to wear a jacket - all you need to do is to fire with your laser guns on the jackets of opponents. Once you hit the right spot on the opponent's jacket or at the opponents' headquarters - they go dead / destroyed for a few seconds and you get the points for that. The arena is built like maze so you have to make a strategy to win over the opponents. It does give a somewhat real-time picture of gorilla attacks. The more people you bring in, the more calories you will burn and the more fun you will have.
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    24 7月 2016
    by InsiyaAli
  • New found love for Laser Tag!
    So I have a new found love for this activity of Laser Tag. We went as a group of 12 friends to Thrill Zone yesterday to play laser tag for the first time. I was assuming it would be a kiddish game but oh my, we had soooo much fun! We are a bunch of twenty somethings but this game would be fun for all ages as long as you have a big fun group to play with!! One session of 15mins costs 60Dhs & two sessions of 30 mins costs 110Dhs. We decided to take the 30 mins session as we had entertainer vouchers which turned out to be very reasonable. We were given a 10 min briefing session & then divided into groups of 2 by the staff itself so we have an unbiased group which was a good thing. Wearing our laser tagged jackets off we went to protect our base & attack the opposite team's! The first session of 15 mins itself felt like half an hour. We lost the first game but that helped us strategize ourselves for the second one! All of us really enjoyed ourselves. The staff was cooperative. They changed my gun immediately after the first game when I realized it wasn't working properly. Honestly, this game is the best way to burn calories! At the end of it, we were sweating like anything running after around so much but with a huge smile on our faces :D Highly recommend thrill zone for laser tag. Better to go with a big group of minimum 8 people to make the most of it.





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