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画廊占地阿尔库兹 (Al Quoz) 艺术区的庭院美术馆 (The Courtyard) 的两层空间,尽管对所选的艺术品有区域偏好(尤其是伊朗),画廊仍展出来自不同文化地区和各大洲的作品。这里有3000多幅绘画永久陈列,并有传统手工艺作品与古董家具定期展示。其中的主要魅力景点是美丽的鹅卵石庭院本身,四面外墙展示着来自全球各地的建筑风格。
全艺术 画廊占地阿尔库兹 (Al Quoz) 艺术区的庭院美术馆 (The Courtyard) 的两层空间,尽管对所选的艺术品有区域偏好(尤其是伊朗),画廊仍展出来自不同文化地区和各大洲的作品。这里有3000多幅绘画永久陈列,并有传统手工艺作品与古董家具定期展示。其中的主要魅力景点是美丽的鹅卵石庭院本身,四面外墙展示着来自全球各地的建筑风格。 +97143475050全艺术/@25.1433141,55.2234819
全艺术 +97143475050 庭院 , 阿尔霍兹工业1, 哈迪奇·穆罕默德·本·拉希德 55.2234819 25.1433141 星期天 至 星期四 & 星期六 从 09:00 至 18:00
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    POI Opening Timing星期天 至 星期四 & 星期六 从 09:00 至 18:00

    POI Address庭院 , 阿尔霍兹工业1, 哈迪奇·穆罕默德·本·拉希德

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  • 8 10月 2015
    by Chrissie T
  • A great little theater
    This is a little gem, and Dubai's first and only Improv' Theatre. We found them on facebook, and thought we'll go and investigate. What a surprise it was...when you enter it feels like you stepped into a historic little theater maybe somewhere in London. They even have a narrow little staircase going up to the seating. The theater itself is quite small, but this made it more intimate and cozy. The seating was comfortable and there was a nice atmosphere. They also have a snack counter where you can buy popcorn, sweets and softdrinks before and during the interval of the performance. The performance itself was very enjoyable, and we were not disappointed. They have different shows that run most of the evenings so have a look at their website for more detail. Overall we felt everything was professionally run by very friendly welcoming staff, and we will definitely return.
  • 1 9月 2015
    by ImOmar
  • Awesome show...
    This was our first visit to the playhouse...and what a wonderful start for what is looking like a long term relationship! I took 2 friends to watch a live screening from the National Theater of "The Audience" starring the amazing Helen Mirren. is awesome, the script is excellent, the humor divine.... Not a moment of lapsed snooze or boredom...simply glorious entertainment.. As far as the playhouse...such friendly staff, down to earth and courteous...thank you all.. Prices...reasonable...100AED per ticket for this show... Ambiance...great...small auditorium with superb seating wherever... The waiting area before we came in was way too hot...hoping it was just that one day... concession stand can afford a few more goodies...choices are limited... In general, we had a fantastic time...looking forward to next show We wish Helen Mirren was there in person but this was the next best option! We are even considering flying to the UK to watch her there! Bravo Courtyard Playhouse!




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