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通过迪拜之旅 (Tour Dubai) 组织的各种活动深入了解迪拜。这家公司位于乌德梅萨 (Oud Metha) 的金字塔中心 (Pyramid Centre)。您可以在这里报名参加日落之旅套餐,包括摄影、滑沙、骑骆驼、乘坐沙滩车,以及坐在古朴的民族垫上观看沙漠日出日落,同时还有船上巡航晚餐、导游讲解、私人包船、自行车、滑沙等服务,更可为团体或情侣组织浪漫之旅。
迪拜之旅 通过迪拜之旅 (Tour Dubai) 组织的各种活动深入了解迪拜。这家公司位于乌德梅萨 (Oud Metha) 的金字塔中心 (Pyramid Centre)。您可以在这里报名参加日落之旅套餐,包括摄影、滑沙、骑骆驼、乘坐沙滩车,以及坐在古朴的民族垫上观看沙漠日出日落,同时还有船上巡航晚餐、导游讲解、私人包船、自行车、滑沙等服务,更可为团体或情侣组织浪漫之旅。
迪拜之旅 +97143368407 金字塔中心 , 乌德梅萨, 布尔迪拜 55.30945702 25.24088048 星期天 至 星期六 从 09:00 至 18:00
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    POI Opening Timing星期天 至 星期六 从 09:00 至 18:00

    POI Address金字塔中心 , 乌德梅萨, 布尔迪拜

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    10 9月 2017
    by lindagP8494KQ
  • Couldn't care less
    We purchased Explorer Passes and went to book a Dhow dinner cruise, the taxi driver dropped us off at the dinosaur park which is at least 8 km from where we should've been. We were in a strange area which was on a very busy road and not knowing which way we should go. Eventually got another taxi who took us to the creek but not knowing exactly which pier we should be at. We found out and didn't even make it to the Dhow, we booked this for my birthday treat - some birthday! When we contacted them they didn't even acknowledge my complaint. So if you do book through them for anything make sure you get an exact location for everything because if you don't the COULDNT CARE LESS.
  • Rating Image
    3 9月 2017
    by roguedenise
  • Horrible!
    I typically have something nice to say, always but... booked through our hotel. No fault of theirs the more expensive tour was on the canal but we opted to see the city marina and high rises at night with a buffet over a 5 star sit down dinner. Reception was meh. Sat on the top deck breathing in the boat engine fumes for probably 45 minutes while they continue to cram people on. Once the food was served if was mayhem! Completely unorganized. The food was gone in a matter of minutes and that was that. No more food! We didn't even get to sample half of what was suppose to be offered and when we asked they just shrugged and didn't even apologize. Some of the crew were even filling their plates with whatever scraps were left over while the guests were standing there with empty plates still looking for food. It was outrageous! Please go someplace else this was a huge waste of money, time and appetite.
  • Rating Image
    2 9月 2017
    by crazycross
  • Great Dinner in the Desert experience
    I was a bit wary of booking this desert experience as when I asked about it on the Trip Advisor forum no-one had heard of it! It was quite expensive but we got the 2 for 1 deal in the Entertainer book which brought the price down for the three of us. We were picked up at our hotel right on time and taken by car to the location - just over an hours drive away. We didn't want to do the Dune bashing that they also offer. We were one of the first group of guests to arrive and were given drinks and dates on arrival. There was a mini souk that we could wander around and there was also a bar area with alcohol. It is set out like a fortress and there is an equestrian area also - you could have a ride on the horses included in the ticket price. We did the camel ride which was short but fun You can also have a red henna tattoo which is included in the price. The buffet food was fantastic - a great selection and we were seated at stone tables with candles. The entertainment was good fun too. It wasn't too busy and didn't look as though any other tours were there. Our car was waiting to take us back at the end of the evening. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending the Tour Dubai dinner in the desert experience!





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