在特罗伊克 (Troyka) 体验时光倒流
位于布尔迪拜 (Bur Dubai) 雅诗阁酒店 (Ascot Hotel) 的特罗伊卡 (Troyka) 散发着一种旧世界俄罗斯的魅力。周二的自助餐晚宴包罗一切美食,如历史悠久的俄罗斯菜肴——基辅鸡和俄式牛柳丝等。您还可感受如俄罗斯婚礼般热闹的俄罗斯主题娱乐活动,包括每晚的乐队表演和奢华拉斯维加斯式卡巴莱歌舞表演。
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  • A funny unexpected surprise, Russian style
    Strange, pictoresque, bizarre. Place is hidden, matrioska dressed lovely and sometime firece looking staff but smiling at the end. Food is standard, improve it please, vodka abundant, and dance show is a must see.
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  • Russian atmosphere
    the place I have visited many times all over the years I am here in UAE ,it is nice place with Russian atmosphere , the food for cold appetizers are excellent but for the hot ones are really not like before at all from quality and variety . The band is singing nicely but only Russian music not like before mostly Russian and other English or Arabic songs . The problem lies on the show which was fantastic show before but in this last visit in Feb 2016 it is really very poor one . The management have challenge to keep the standards like before and to improve it. Anyway the place is nice and the value for the services are fine.
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  • Smoky, unfriendly, terrible old food
    Decided to do something different in Dubai so we tried this place. The restaurant has low ceiling, with Russian style decor and ambiance. They have a tiny floor for the performers. Almost everyone in there smokes and the ventilation is simply bad. They have a buffet for AED 175. Food is really old and tired looking. I would not recommend it if you are not a smoker.
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