在瓦菲美食店 (Wafi Gourmet) 品尝黎巴嫩美食
瓦菲美食店 (Wafi Gourmet) 精心准备的各种传统黎巴嫩美食、糕点、甜点和冰淇淋总会令您垂涎三尺。您会发现自己在点餐时不知不觉陷入一场视觉盛宴,并购买一些美食带回家。在品尝过如鹰嘴豆沙、烤石斑鱼等特色菜后,您一定会把瓦菲美食店列入常去餐馆名单。
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55.3192851 25.2291367瓦菲美食店/@
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  • 就在wafi mall里
    这个餐厅位于wafi mall的一层,可以选择在室内就餐,或者有外摆区域,如果不特别热,可以建议在半室外的空间。有新鲜的水果和各类饮品,比较舒适的餐厅。
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  • Simply Lovely
    What an amazing experience! My family and I were treated well by our waiter Jay Castro. He took our orders swiftly and served us with a smile. He also stood by and promptly handled all our additional requests. The food was served quickly and did not disappoint. We truly enjoyed our experience and we will definitely be returning again.
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  • Always a great experience
    I visit this restaurant once a year when my mother in law is in town and always wonder why I don't go more often. Delicious Lebanese food with faultless service. The outside terraced has been enclosed with glass now but it still feels like you are outdoors. Afterwards you can browse the beautiful selection of fruit, vegetables, take away food, sweets and pastries (a great place to buy gifts). The restaurant manager went out of his way to find out whether all the dishes my daughter had ordered were vegan. A long standing popular haunt in Dubai due to good classic freshly made food (the fresh bread is delicious) and attentive staff with understated charm.
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