在怀特迪拜 (White Dubai) 享受露天跳舞乐趣
在这家城市最热门场所之一的怀特迪拜 (White Dubai) 与朋友一起狂欢吧。在这家时尚的露天屋顶派对场所,您将享受现场娱乐表演、精彩的视觉体验、炫酷的照明,还有舞池让您欲罢不能。您还可与朋友在户外放松,一起享用精选的高档饮品。最精彩的体验往往是短暂的,怀特迪拜只在冬天开放。
白色迪拜 在这家城市最热门场所之一的怀特迪拜 (White Dubai) 与朋友一起狂欢吧。在这家时尚的露天屋顶派对场所,您将享受现场娱乐表演、精彩的视觉体验、炫酷的照明,还有舞池让您欲罢不能。您还可与朋友在户外放松,一起享用精选的高档饮品。最精彩的体验往往是短暂的,怀特迪拜只在冬天开放。白色迪拜/@25.15744147,55.30310043
白色迪拜 迈丹酒店, 纳德阿尔谢巴1, 哈迪奇·穆罕默德·本·拉希德 55.30310043 25.15744147 星期四 至 星期五 从 23:00 至 03:00
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  • 白色迪拜

    POI Opening Timing星期四 至 星期五 从 23:00 至 03:00

    POI Address迈丹酒店, 纳德阿尔谢巴1, 哈迪奇·穆罕默德·本·拉希德

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    8 1月 2018
    by theprincessandqueen
  • Good music but average service
    White has a good, spacious outdoor venue and is often host to big artists. However, the service there is horrible and they care only about high-paying customers. The lines are very long and it is very difficult for men to get in without buying a table. Would only recommend going if you REALLY want to see the artist playing.
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    7 1月 2018
    by sfouad2
  • Fantastic view and terrible service .
    The place near to Mydan hotel , you can see fantastic view to Dubai from there . Entrance very rude staff they try to sell tables for all visitors 3500 AED per table . When we refuse they accept to entry !!!! . The lady there and guards very rude . It’s huge place nice music . A lot of drank people and a lot of business ladies . The drinks is expensive . They just need to collect money with zero service . I think it’s worst night club in Dubai . Not recommended at all .
  • Rating Image
    5 1月 2018
    by David S
  • If you don't have money don't think about it
    We were in Dubai in December with a group of 10 girls and 4 boys. Guys, I prefer to tell you that if you want to enter in this club you need to be "famous" or ready to spend 1000 AED to enter. We reserved our entry and were dress-well but the bookers forget us on the list LOL. Is it a joke? After that she said that we need to pay 15 000AED to enter, an other joke. This is more a circle than a club. Anyway the club looks beautiful and the songs great but the staff is very very poor





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