在XL海滩俱乐部 (XL Beach Club) 狂欢
这家令人印象深刻的场所位于豪华的哈布图尔格兰德海滨度假酒店 (Habtoor Grand Resort and Spa),拥有一个大型庭院及一排白色豪华沙发。玻璃游泳池、私人小屋、更衣室和淋浴设施让您的豪华海滩派对体验更完美。XL海滩俱乐部以全日海滩派对而著称,白天的俱乐部在日落后一变而成当地与国际DJ达人表演的热闹会所。
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XL海滩俱乐部 这家令人印象深刻的场所位于豪华的哈布图尔格兰德海滨度假酒店 (Habtoor Grand Resort and Spa),拥有一个大型庭院及一排白色豪华沙发。玻璃游泳池、私人小屋、更衣室和淋浴设施让您的豪华海滩派对体验更完美。XL海滩俱乐部以全日海滩派对而著称,白天的俱乐部在日落后一变而成当地与国际DJ达人表演的热闹会所。 +97143995000海滩俱乐部/@25.08681130,55.14001841
XL海滩俱乐部 +97143995000 哈布图尔大海滩度假村及水疗中心, 马尔萨迪拜, 朱美拉 55.14001841 25.0868113 从 21:00 至 03:00, 星期四 从 22:00 至 03:00
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  • XL海滩俱乐部

    POI Opening Timing从 21:00 至 03:00, 星期四 从 22:00 至 03:00

    POI Address哈布图尔大海滩度假村及水疗中心, 马尔萨迪拜, 朱美拉

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    10 6月 2017
    by Amy6795
  • Excellent Massage
    2 of my friends and I had a spa day at the Elixir Spa which included use of the spa facilities and pool access. The massage was incredible. My therapist, Ria (who I would highly recommend!), gave me a very relaxing Swedish massage and ensured to pinpoint areas of tension in my back, neck and shoulders. I would definitely return for a massage with this therapist. The pool access was good however the large amount of people drinking alcohol around the pool made for a rowdy atmosphere which wasn't quite as relaxing as some of the other resorts I have visited for a spa day.
  • Rating Image
    27 4月 2017
    by 88Georgina
  • Nice spa, good massage, room for better customer service especially reception area
    Myself and my female Friend had a voucher for a one hour Swedish massage. We arrived 45 minutes early and were told we could not use the Swimming pool which we were disappointed about. We were dismissively told we could use a steam room or go and get a drink. Neither of us felt very welcome so we went to get a drink instead. We were not given a survey to fill in or asked what areas to avoid when massaging. We went into separate rooms with different female masseurs. I was asked what area I would like focus on but my Friend was not. I had to ask for disposable underwear which the therapist had to leave the room for to go and get. We both got a relaxing full one hour massage. My Friend was advised by the therapist that she had to get fully dressed but I stayed in my bath robe and walked to the locker room. It did not seem very well Organised. I looked for and decided to walk into the steam room on my own, which was down a corridor, after opening 2 doors which led to cleaning facilities. Five minutes later my Friend, who was fully clothed, found me in the steam room, so she had to get changed again into her bikini. I was wearing my Swimming costume in the steam room. Luckily we both have a sense of humour so we were able to observe and notice this lack of customer service. A nice lady in the locker room offered us green tea which we enjoyed. While we enjoyed our massage, unfortunately we will not be rushing back to return here.
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    24 10月 2016
    by 1983meler
  • "Spa"
    This morning I have treatment massage in this hotel habtoor. It is cobone, one lady in spa reception I think she is new trainee she don't know how to do yet, then alyza she came there to help the lady and she assist me going to the changing room and she gave amenities and bathrobe to me. My therapist she is Ria, she have a magic hands. Wow! I will recommend her to my friends. Thank you!





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Hamarain-Centre 购物
在哈马林中心 (Hamarain Centre) 度过时光
Harry-Ghatto's 餐厅
在哈利吉托 (Harry Ghatto's) 释放您的内心
阿联酋潜水协会 迪拜的潜水活动
与阿联酋潜水协会 (Emirates Diving Association) 一起保卫海洋
Heritage-Village 迪拜的历史胜地
在迪拜民俗村 (Heritage and Diving Village) 探索迪拜历史
1220_fruitandvegetablemarket_1_Tile 迪拜的食品市场
参观水果及蔬菜市场 (Fruit & Vegetable Market)
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