Zaroob 餐厅

Zaroob 餐厅
Zaroob 餐厅烹调阿拉伯风味美食
Zaroob 餐厅在伦敦肖迪奇 (Shoreditch) 和纽约威廉斯堡 (Williamsburg) 社区均设有分店,由于餐厅有优雅的水泥地板和街头艺术,引得迪拜的时髦人士蜂拥而至。 这家热门的餐厅位于朱美拉塔楼 (Jumeirah Tower Building),毋庸置疑极具阿拉伯风情。 其实,这家餐厅的烹饪灵感来源于地中海东部黎凡特地区的街头小贩。

品尝松软的木烧烤炉 man’oushe——一种含馅的扁平面包,黎巴嫩地区常见。 采用炭火烧制正宗的肉卷,供您尽情享用。 还可以品尝 kushari——采用大米、小扁豆、鹰嘴豆加上洋葱烹制的一道埃及特色菜。 不论是哪道菜,都不会让您失望。

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  • Rubbish!
    Very disappointed on our first night in Dubai! Service was very slow and poor. People who arrived after us got served first. When we eventually got served the food was tiny portions and cold. Expensive for what you get we were very unsatisfied as everyone else's portions were a lot bigger.
  • Pathetic
    Don't ever make the mistake of falling for their ads or marketing - went there recently around midnight, waited for 25 mins for someone to approach our table and take the order.. Surprisingly, guests who came after us seemed to get their meals first? Service staff were very unprofessional and not even having a conversation.. Don't even get me started on their decor - trying to make it 'fun' and 'cool' - it goes way worse, you feel like you're sitting in a fish market trying to have a meal. People bump into your seat from behind, but you can't blame them because table arrangement is horrible. As far as food quality goes, we were very disappointed for the price they charge and what you get, I'd rather go next door and spend 5 dhs more to get a more satisfying meal portion and quality. Definitely not worth a second visit!
  • Simple but nice!
    The place is simple, but nicely decorated; it is just different. The service was okay for a restaurant like this. The food was not excellent, but good for the prices you pay. Thus, if you are looking for a quick dinner at a very reasonable price level it is the place to go!
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