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在卡利卡特帕拉贡 (Calicut Paragon ) 享受浓郁辛香
当您在卡拉玛 (Karama) 迷宫般多的商店浏览购物时,试试这家受欢迎的印度餐馆。尽管这是一家非常忙碌的餐馆,供应的美食却非常出色,分量大,而且价格实惠。其中咖喱鱼与咖喱鸡肉饭一直备受追捧。咖喱鱼中加入了美妙的香料与浓郁的酱汁,而咖喱鸡肉饭则是一道添加葡萄干、蔬菜与慢炖肉的美食。您也可尽情享受这里的其它美味食物。
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  • Succulent Seafood
    I had a craving for some good seafood so I decided to go downstairs from my flat and try this place. I looked at the menu but needed help deciding what I wanted so my waiter helped me decide. Honestly, I didn't know what I ordered until I walked back upstairs to my flat with my takeaway. I was very impressed! The grilled coconut prawns were delicious, along with the banana leaf wrapped fish and the Tawa fish with a nice spicy sauce on top...I also enjoyed the spinach but I didn't know it was fried and I wanted steamed or sautéed was still good but I didn't finish it. Overall, the food was very good and I look forward to dining in very soon.
  • Awesome
    Awesome South Indian food. Though the restaurant interior is simple the food is awesome. Besides indias europeans who love spicy and sea food visit here. Weekdays restaursnt is nearly full but on weekends u have to line up. Waiting of half an hour is normal during weekends. Finger licking amazing food. Can recommend chicken pandana, raw mango relish, fried coconut praws, fish mango curry.. etc
  • Paragon as usual
    Great food and great ambience. The usual Malabar food and taste. Authentic Malabar taste. Good staff and helpful. Recommended for malayali families....
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