驻足琼斯杂货店 (Jones the Grocer)
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  • When it is crowded stay away.
    I went to Jones al manara dubai with a friend for lunch. It was my first time in that branch but not a first time in jones. I have been to abu dhabi both branches and qatar too. Anyways we have asked for a bottle of cold water. The waiter informed me that they dont have available cold water so i asked for ice and he replies that they dont have ice either. A great start ! I asked the water about a dish that i dont call its name but it was salmon with poached egg and hollandaise sauce he says they dont have it until 5 minutes later i see one being served on the table next to me. We had to ask for napkins. No napkins were on the table. We asked for desserts and we just got a fork we needed to ask for a knife. Briefly, the whole experience was like they didn't want to do the effort.
  • Fabulous breakfast in the new store
    Stopped by the new Mirdif 35 store and enjoyed a nice breakfast with my daughter. There was a decent selection offered. The food was good quality and we could add extras - the homemade hash browns were great - as well as good coffee. After breakfast we sampled and bought some cheeses and cold cuts to take home, as well as a selection of jams and chutneys. The staff were super helpful and the price was in line with what you expect to pay here in the UAE. A nice morning, we will be back and I recommend it as a visit.
  • Quite Tasty
    This was a really tasty place to grab a quick lunch with friends. I had the lamb sliders and they had a slightly sweet sauce and not a lot of spice, but still good. The salads here are very fresh and well put together.
七沙 阿联酋美食
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